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one thing i dislike about the increasing prevalence of internet culture (if there is even something coherent enough to be given that name) is how it’s invaded non-internet culture. jokes about satan and image macros are all well and good if well-delivered, but they don’t translate to real life humor—at all. maybe you were in tears when you saw it on your screen, but unless the other person has seen what it is you’re referencing, it’s going to go straight over their heads and into the aether. the sort of “funny randomness” that is popular on this site, at least, is pretty stale when someone greets you with it face-to-face. suggestively shaking hips and offering “lemons” is going to ward people away, and anyone who isn’t addicted to the web knows this well. you have to wonder if they’ve ever unplugged.

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    all the terrible unfunny attemptedly surreal jokes that populate and propagate reminded me of this, so instead of...
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    shayna are you literally having a conversation with yourself
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    true of SJA culture as well
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